Rodrigo Gracie --Jacksonville,FL

Rodrigo Gracie will be at my school for a two day seminar on Feb. 26-27. We are a Royce Gracie affiliated school in Jacksonville, FL. I will be posting details in the next few days. Any questions, please post. Thanks

Upcoming events: Royler Gracie Seminar--late March
(date TBD)

              Royce Gracie Seminar--late May
                             (dates TBD)

Larry Shealy

I'll get the details on Rodrigo and pass it on soon.

Bill is $100 hr.(up to 4 people, ie=$25. ea)


how many jitsu schools are in jacksonville?

FYI on Rodrigo Seminar:

Saturday will be Gi Seminar

Sunday will be No-GI

10am-12noon: on both days

Seminars will be $40 each day.

Fee must be paid in full one week prior to seminar to reserve a spot.

flipdid, I don't know that answer, other than us,I know Lionel Perez is in Jax and I believe he is back at Peacocks.