#Rodrigo Minotauro vs H.Yokoi

Yokoi is on the ring. Mino is on his way with the BTT crew.

Nog via Triangle

*edit, not 1st*

Keeping with tonight's theme I predict Yokoi by oma plata

he looks different

Sperry looks like he's yawning! Lol does he ever show emotions?

Yokoi is tougher than your average pro wrestler - he is like 10-0 in MMA aw well.

Jesus, Mino looks like a light heavy even a middlewieght

that second pic, fuk give me a break this fight

c'mon... yokoi.

Maybe they switched brothers!

it looks like rogerio fighting!!!!! it's a swap!

Yokoi is a blown up 190 lber, I admit, but he is tough. Trained by Kosaka, who in his day was great.

Going Yokoi's way, huh?

Shit is just going crazy..

Is that his thumb or is there some backlicking going on?