Rodrigo Vahgi in Council Bluffs

Just to let anyone in the midwest area near Omaha, Council Bluffs know that Rodrigo will be in town for seminars on Sat and Sun, with it being 25 a pop each day. (@ Fit 4 Life)

I'm used to paying +$50 bucks for good seminars, great price.

And I'd like to thank the guys at CB Fit 4 Life letting me train with them if you catch this, its been a good 6 months since my medical problems started and it feels damn good to start getting in shape again.



Do you know the times?

Can you just go for one of the days?


It will be at 11:00 - 2:00 both days. You can go for one or two days. E-mail me direct with any questions.

A little Info on Rodrigo:

Rickson Gracie black belt
Lives in St. Louis where he has his own school.
Very technical.
Great coach. After one of my matches I had my opponent say to me "I hate your coach"

Rodrigo is one of the most "slept upon" instructors in the country, and anybody who can should definitely check this out.

TTT Rodrigo is the man! His St. Louis school is very technical and tough.

Jason Smith - email me at I have a question about Berger. Thanks, Joe.

chooch, think about it for 24 hours. If you still haven't figured it out by then, post again and I'll gladly explain it to you.

The merging of the Vaghi team and the Taijitsu guys is one of the best things to happen to Omaha/CB area. Ive already seen improvements in the local fighters, I cant wait to see what kind of wrecking machines Fit for Life produces in a year or so!

TTT for Rodirgo!!

11:00 to 2:00 both days, don't be late, he hates that.

ttt for Vaghi

Rodrigo hates it when you're late because he
wants everyone to suffer through the warmups. I've
been training under Rodrigo for years and I still
hate the warmups...

ttt for Rodrigo and the Omaha guys. He'll be at my
place in Wisconsin at the end of June!

Bill Krieg - Fox Valley Grappling Club


TTT - check your email Jason