Rodrigo's first MMA FIGHT!

I bought some sort of moviemaker type thingy called Pinnacle Studio for like 100 bones a few months back. I can take home videos and place them on the computer and add a whole shitload of cheesie Hollywood FX.
I have Rodrigo Munduruca's first fight in my computer as we speak. Pretty crappy camera work tho. Just need his permission first to upload it to my web space and link it here.

I haven't added any FX to it tho. Gonna fart around with it tonight and see what I can conjure up heheh.


Is that the one where he should have got disqualified for eye gouging Andy Anderson ??


SAFTA baby !!



I want to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brucey just convinced me to Dr it up a bit before I unleash Rod's fury on the net!

Why you bottled his fury for release on the net is beyond me, and pretty gross.

This is my first attempt at posting a link here so if it doesn't work please tell me and I'll try again. The tape quality is brutal and I personally edited the volume in certain areas due to Rodrigo's foul mouthed companions. ;)



Very cool !

He's like Cheese-wizz... very smooth... ;)


very cool Mark, good job Rod !

Living large. Rod sure moves well for such a big dude.

Great Job!

nice fight rod, but where was the uchi mata?

the hair cut really made the match :)


Damn I thought they burned that tape! Obviously Rod eat his cheesios that morning! Smooth alright, smooth like velveeta(the cheddar clumps).

Lol @ Jay!

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wayne-o, do you have the latest Windows version? I created it through Windows Media 9.  Click on link below to upgrade if that is the case. Otherwise, I have no clue dude!

Has anyone else had problems with the link?

Doesnt work

Maccabee: Who are you? I haven't seen you online here before. I'm guessing I know you from International somehow.  It was an exciting fight...two amateurs smashing the crap outta each other. It was more of a barfight than a MMA fight tho (kinda embarassing---I hardly used any of my 5 months of BJJ at all). Were you there?


ComputerWarrior: come on! You're the Computer Warrior! Figure it out! I can't. It works for me from home and at work. I just left-click on it and BLAMMO----Rodrigo "Smooth" Munduruca works his magic across the computer screen.