Rodtang admits only doing grappling 'several times' before accepting DJ fight

Check out my exclusive chat with ONE flyweight Muay Thai champ Rodtang Jitmuangnon as he gives his thoughts on his special rules fight with Demetrious Johnson in December.

Such a stoopid fight…

Might mouse wins this 100%. He can hold his own standing and was never KO’d iirc

His last fight he suffered a pretty bad knockout.

I agree he should run thru the guy but Rod is a super legit striker so it isnt like he doesn’t have a good chance first round.

Wow I didn’t know that. I just think it’s easy to stay out of trouble when the game plan is just to make it out of the 1st.

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Thais since developed so much in clinching have a very solid understanding of clinchwrestling, They also somewhat grasp grappling because of This.

So This is an interesting odd fight!

Rodtang is a beast striking wise so Mighty must be sharp This day to not get floored. With that said - Mighty should be the favourite although not by much.

Mouse got this. He can hold his own on the feet for a rd. The striking gap is tiny compared to the grappling gap imo.

this is different imo. MT small glove champ and no threat of the take down. danger mouse


Rodtang doesn’t need to grapple, round 1 is MT. He plans on knocking Mouse the fuck out long before the MMA round. MM is hittable. Dodson dropped him multiple times. Rodtang touches him with little gloves, it’s nap time for DJ.


or if he can’t stop him in the first, reduce his legs to putty