Rogan on Leno

Man,Joe was really babbling on Leno, had a good space of time and didn't mention MMA or the UFC! >:( Boo! Hsssssss! Kirik, give Joe a pink name for the next week! LOL Joe you were all over the place there! Some interesting views on marriage. LOL

Rogan has other things going on and what they talk about is already predecided.

Odd considering Tito has been on Leno before. You'd think there would be some talk. But good for Joe, plugging The Man Show. His life does not consist of this forum.Adam from Conn, Hard-Hittin' Pollack


He didn't sell out.

99% of the public know him as the Fear factor and man show host. Of course he's going to talk about that...

Cut him some slack...


I know I have seen Rogan wearing a UFC hoody on fear factor. So he gets publicity for fear factor which in turn gets puclicity for the UFC. You can't say he sold out just because he didnt mention it to a bunch of people who, for the most part, don't care about the UFC. He takes time to do UFC shows and he is a well known name...who else does that out of sheer love for the sport (assuming he makes much more for fear factor)?!?

Rogan's opinions on social issues were fucking great!! I don't recall disagreeing once. He made a TON of sense, using simple common sense. Nice to hear a person who actually has a head on their shoulders get air time.

The Leno crowd don't care about MMA or UFC, who cares.

Naaah it is good that Joe mixes it up. Nothing is more annoying then when a celeb always talks about the same thing every time. I mean I hate the way John Travolta always sneaks Scientology into every interview. And Kathy Lee always talked about her kid. You can't just talk about one thing all the time otherwise you look psycho.


He stated very clearly on another recent thread here that he was there to talk about the Man Show this time, & that he would only talk about MMA if someone else brought it up. No surprises.

Talk shows are promotional tools, not gossip sessions. This one was on the Man Show's dime, not the UFC.


? double post

Ah,I didn't hear that he intended on talking about promoting the Man Show this time. Funny interview.

I'll talk about it on Leno one day I'm sure, but I'm there to promote
specific things, this time it was the man show.

Those shows are always so weird, and the time flies by so fast. There's
never enough time to talk about everything you want to say. Jay Leno
is a little weird to talk to, too. It's hard to get a rhythm going talking
to that dude.

Just double leg him and start pounding, he'll get with the rythum.

Joe rogan I just want to say im a fan of yours and you have the most funniest facial expressions ever. Keep up the good work man.


Joe what talk show that you've done have you liked the best?

Leno is kind of annoying like that. He is always trying to force his stuff in, where Letterman actually listens and Conan joins in the fun.

Funny you say that,I always thought Jay was really awkward with a lot of the people he interviews. Congrats on the Man Show deal. Ah well,we look foreward to the 'MMA episode', it'll happen some day!

"I mean I hate the way John Travolta always sneaks Scientology into every interview"

lol @ grapplechaun for having that info