Rogan sporting Google Glass?

Probably getting cool footage at the weighins. Phone Post

They are so sick, my job has a pair

Are they commercially available yet? Phone Post

Would be dope to see footage. Hopefully it's not all of fighter ass and junk. Jk Joe Phone Post

I couldn't help but notice when Arianny was handing them back they were pointed straight at her cleavage up close. I WANT THAT FOOTAGE! Phone Post 3.0

can't wait for the yuppies that will jog with them on so I can run them down

I was wondering what he was wearing. I'm so jealous of joe rogan.

Looks like some x-men stuff... 

I thought they were still in beta and you had to shell out like $1500 for a pair... Phone Post 3.0

Props to Joe for embracing technology. Should make for some crazy "in" gifs. Phone Post

"It's 155" in a smart ass tone haha Phone Post 3.0

Im glad he took them off that was some bullshit ! Phone Post 3.0

ShoreBreaker420 - Im glad he took them off that was some bullshit ! Phone Post 3.0


Someone from fox must not of liked them Phone Post

Willy the Coyote - Google glass looks horrible.
This. Phone Post 3.0

I thought I heard him say the battery was low. Phone Post

they should just make the damn things full on sunglasses or at least come with clip on lenses so you can not look like you're flying a Jem'hadar starship