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I was watching the 2007 worlds and wanted to know if anyone knows the details on how to do the choke that Roger used to submit Robert Drysdale?


i found this from an older thread here from a few months ago.

Credit goes to JRockwell for initially posting it.

From Roger's student on the Sherdog forum:

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Roger has choked me with this. It was not fun.

I asked him to explain the finer details, which I will share with you:

The first thing is base. Let's say you want to get your right hand in first. Post out with your left hand and lean over to the left, preventing the guy from bridging/bucking you off to the right.

The next thing is to get the right hand in deep. After that it's all over. Experienced opponents know this and will defend tenaciously. If you just try to push your hand using shoulder strength, the guy will most likely be able to keep it out.

What Roger does is to brace his right elbow on the inside of his hip bone/inner thigh and then lean forward, using his body weight to force the hand inside the collar. Get it deep.

Next step. Zankou has it spot on. Move the elbow onto his breastbone and lean your bodyweight on it as hard as you can. Vicious. I was considering tapping just from that.

Next reach over his head with your left arm and base on your left elbow. Hook your thumb inside his collar near his left trap, palm down. Then bring your left elbow up over his face in a quick movement and apply the choke. Since only your thumb is hooked in, it helps if you have inhuman grip strength like Roger. Leaning forward and basing your head on the ground often makes it tighter.

Even if it isn't perfectly across the throat the guy will tap, believe me.

Against Roger, my recommendation would be to worry less about the neck, which he will get anyway, and do everything you can to recover half-guard quickly. Good luck with that. Haha.

Hope this helps you guys."

Actually I'm sorry. I thought you meant the cross choke he used in one of their other matches. My bad.

Definatly to my threads.

Nice description

agreed...NO ONE escapes rogers chokes from mount.... once he starts to apply its 100% "game over" for the opponent every time

any pics?

Where/how are you basing on the left elbow when you bring your left arm over to set in the 2nd part of the choke?

I don't see where you can put pressure down on the elbow and still get your grip inside the collar.

galvao escaped roger's mount at some tournament in the past year or so.


the sankaku kid - galvao escaped roger's mount at some tournament in the past year or so.

ya couldnt just keep the "aura" going could u ??!!! :)

actually in retrospect to Galvao HE is a RARE exception as he has a monster grip strength..that is prolly the reason he was able to keep from getting choke. i saw galvao do a nasty cross choke on BIG MAC...from his freaking guard!! this was an absolute match btw.

sly fox  - this is typically  rogers  ENDGAME  position and sub...when he is on top he AWLAYS goes for this armbars  ( that i know of)

this is pretty much what is described by HBK25jm  above...its hard to see but to make his explanation a lil more condensed basically from mount  he gets one hand deep across  (right hand to left collar /left hand to right collar)  using under hand grip.... then the free hand goes to the SAME side of the underhooked lapel hand- using the thumb to grip the lapel as well (somewhat tightly)  then u aRc the (thumbed hand n arm) over/arouind the opponents head to where the forearm (blade) is against the opponets neck and u tighted while exert your top weight all down on the neck.

this is a cross choke attempt it appears


on this 2nd phase of the choke  ( he maybe doing something different or anticipating it otherwise the raised leg stay s down

What a beautiful move 99.9% over when applied. I love that percentage.

Thanks so much for the description of his cross choke but I was referring to the choke against Robert Drysdale. He caught it from the back and didn't go for the Mata Leon or Collar choke. Almost like a Guillotine from the back.

Any one have some tutorials on that one??????????



some great descriptions here !