Roger Gracie to Strikeforce 8/15

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                                Roger Gracie to Strikeforce debut at "Carano vs. Cyborg"?

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Roger fights August 15
Gracie to make Strikeforce debut

Not having stepped in the ring since last May, when he submitted Yuki Kondo at Sengoku and brought his record to two wins in two appearances, in MMA, Roger Gracie will be one of the attractions August 15 at Strikeforce. The bout should be officially announced by the organizers next week. For the time being no opponent has been named for the black belt's debut on American soil.

Until then Roger is training while basking in the glory of having won his second absolute black belt title at the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship, which you can find complete coverage of in GRACIEMAG 148, which will start to be shipped next week. Click here to pre-order your issue.

The August 15 installment of Strikeforce will feature the female bout of Cris Cyborg against Gina Carano as a main event.

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whos he fighting

doesn't say


very nice

most excellent

very cool ... Strikeforce delivers, UFC gets a bead of sweat going

this has been going around sometime now...word is they have not announced an opponent yet

 Brett Rogers is shaking in his Adidas.

He need to eat, lift, wrestle, and box.

Hes already the best grappler in MMA and thats saying a whole hell of alot.

He needs to get strong, box, and wrestle. Mostly wrestling IMO

epwar - Give him Abongo!
What other journeyman HWs does Strikeforce have for Roger's warm-up fight on US soil?


 roger vs tito

CRE - I can't wait to see him get clean KO'd

what fighters do u actually like??