Roger Gracie vs. Don Frye

"Roger will make his MMA debut on the MFC on NOV 4th, on an event scheduled to be aired on PPV. His opponent is rumored to be none other than Don Frye, It is the headliner SUPERFIGHT of a Russia v USA undercard. A very excited Roger stated: 'I am very happy to be debuting in MMA, especially if the opponent is Don Frye. He was beating everyone in MMA when I was a Blue Belt. "

Tough first fight, good luck to Roger

If the fight looks the same as Yoshida vs Frye will people be screaming "work"?

lol roger will smash frye, frye is to old and slow now

I cant wait.

It will good to see Roger fight MMA, but I think that he picked the worng guy as an intial opponent- Frye by KO. It is true Don is getting older but he is a big puncher and can defend subs.

Frye by flying armbar 2.38 into the first round.

roger will work frye.

I think Jacare has the right idea by going to an experienced MMA camp (R1) to actually feel comfortable making the transition to MMA. He has been training about a year; I hope Roger has been training stand-up for a while. It could be ugly.

I hear that Frye's body is in pretty bad shape these days, so who knows how hard he has been training lately.

Roger's cross-training (or lack of) won't even be an issue in this one. Roger's finely tuned submission game will be more than enough to take out Frye. No doubt in my mind Roger wins by submission.

Tough first fight for Roger, but I think he sub's Frye

I think it's a great marketting plan though. Don Frye's an old, but respected fighter and very well known. If Roger wins (which I think he will) it will help get his name out there quickly in the MMA world (not that it already isn't).

Roger is relocating to Renzo's shortly to prepare so he should be fine. Frye is a dangerous first opponent for anyone tho...

I can vouch for the fact that Roger can throw a punch!

Roger by RNC

Roger by choice of submission under 4 minutes round 1

I think Roger should do the same career than Jacare. He has been fighting in Jungle Fight during 3 or 4 editions with good fighters before doing the hoop to Pride or UFC.

Roger will walk through Frye. I think they chose frye in order to give roger an easy first mma debut win. Roger is alot taller than Frye....I doubt Frye can get good strikes standing up on roger & if they go to the ground ...its over. Roger is one of the Top in BJJ/Submission wrestling right now & his conditioning & youth will wear out Frye. I cant believe they chose to fight Frye & think they will get Credibility for destroying Frye. 10 Yrs ago....this would be a fight. When Roger wins this, he wants to fight the Guy that fought Royce in the UFC that wore the 1 Boxing glove.I cant wait to see him fight Alistar Overeem, Verdum, shogun, & other TOP guys in MMA & be successfull. Roger will be a force in MMA.

Possibly it's a best of both worlds situ. He should win but Frye has name recognition and is considered by a lot of people to still be dangerous (rightly or wrongly, I don't know, haven't seen Frye fight in a long time)

How good are Roger's takedowns?