Roll Call for the 08 Pan Ams

I'm going!

where and when?

Glad you're able to represent this year Raspado. Wish you all the best. Hope that Judo OR WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO WORKS...LOL

(Lee)Onidus out...

Did not know they had a senior citizen division!

Mike does BJJ?


March 28-30.  I'll be in the 181 lbs Senior 1 purple belt division.

How many 181pound purple belt senior citizens can there be?

Can I get more info on this???

Break out the razor and shave off all that hair and you can drop about 10lbs!

Jeez, I haven't heard that one before John!

I might be there for the seniors citizen division;(

The senior citizen division is fun.  But, make no mistakes.  They are top quality fighters.  Not decrepid old farts like me.

how'd you do Mike?