rolling knee bar in mma

I was watching this old mma fight with this Russian guy Kopylov and a Brazilian.I am not sure of the name of the event.I think it was called Rings.Well this guy Kopylov went from the clinch into a rolling knee bar at got the Brazilian to tap.I must say that was one of the best submissions I have ever seen in mma.


It was the Rings King of Kings Tournament Bracket A I believe. Kopylev won his other match by leg lock as well. I just rewatched this the other day (I believe it is on youtube under some MMA highlight).

Kopylov is one awsome dude. I have some cool video of him simply demonstrating technique after technique. Very cool stuff.

I have an Volk Han and Kopylev tape that shows combat sambo (Han) and sport Sambo (Kopylev), some cool stuff, in the end it gets pretty far out there but early on some cool stuff.