Rolling with facial piercings?

My girlfriend is taking grappling with me, but she really wants a lip or eyebrow ring. However, I can't think of anyway that rolling around on a hunk of metal in your face would be good. Any of you guys that roll got any metal in your face? Does it suck as hard as I imagine it does?

Bad idea.

You might be able to tape up a piercing until it is healed enough to remove the jewellry. Eyebrows and lips might be bad spots to tape though.

yeah, good luck rolling and keeping those piercings in. gah.

Really bad idea for obvious reasons. They could get torn out. besides that, and I don't know much about piercings so maybe I am wrong, but it seems like a really great way to get them infected ie the staph that has been getting more prevalent, not too mention ringworm etc...

I used to roll with a dude with an eyebrow piercing. Everytime afterwards he'd be hurt. One time it almost got ripped out completely.

As a body piercer i'd highly suggest waiting longer than 3 weeks. First off the eyebrow is either hit or miss on healing, you have to baby it cause it has one of the highest rejection rates of any piercing. Any irritation to the area can help in the rejection (not to mention the rejection can be quick, sometimes overnight if they don't realize it's rejecting which leaves a split eyebrow.

The lip, either way it will cause problems. The backs of a Monroe, Labret, or Lip piercing have a rounded disk back. This will push into the gums and literally break down the teeth (this will happen anyhow but much faster if you are constantly forcing pressure/messing with it.)

Now both can be worn in grappling if healed properly BEFORE. There are good lip retainers that are very flexible, if she uses one of these it won't need to be taped. The eyebrow uses something similiar but you will need to put a piece of medical tape over it.

I roll with a septum piercing & industrial and usually only have problems with my industrial (the septum I use a small retainer that fits to the inside of my nose.)

I trained with a guy named Jason Brudvik a few times, and he had a lot of facial piercings. He brought a little plastic case like you'd use for fishing lures or something, and spent about 5 minutes taking his various piercings out.

TTB for facial piercings.

The eyebrow piercing is also bad because they look shit on everyone...