Romo Challenge: Chuck's new role w/UFC

Do your worst!

Office Handyman?

Or maybe a desk job?

Too soon.

ECWCock - This has potential.


UFC's Head Officer For Afterparties

smoogy - Do your worst!

Or maybe a desk job?

hahah! sleeping on the job.


KriegerVonGott - This will be pretty light hearted, nothing but respect is what I got for the Iceman.

 Chuck I will apologize to you in advance for laughing at the romo's to follow.


The desk one is genius!

ttt. not too soon. no death.


This thread is going places.



 LOL smoogys first two will be hard to top.

He's already delivering ice for the beer stands.  Chuck " the readyiceman" Lidell



ttt for this thread.

I heard he was going to be a cutman but he kept jabbing the fighters in the eyes when applying pre-fight vaseline.


lol, not too soon! Subscribed.

i'm in
if you can't laugh at a few of these you are just broken