ROMOSHOP this!!!!!!

Tim Sylvia is back on the drugs. Not to mention a HUGE third wheel there.

It just seems Tim Sylvia can do no right.

"Public sharting no longer rattles the big man"



TUF RULZ I'm going to put this to you in terms you can understand.
You're becoming the Gabe Ruediger of the UG.

Sherk has a pretty huge head.

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Is Sherk wearing a velour shirt?

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HAHAHHAHAHAA....I think big Tim has a NEW RoMOSHOP thread



shakes head slowly and rubs forehead

How do I love romoshops with moshgirl in them LOL

LOL Moose did it again! Mosh pit girl rules!

It should be some law that Mosh Girl gets into every Romoshop.

bahhhhhh mosh girl...awesomeness....and Big tim...what a waste...