Ron Faircloth

How much do you weigh these days?

A lot more after I left my load in his squirrely cheeks.

You can ask me what I weigh too. What does it pay?

or ron fields will step up. he's pretty much on weight if it's 205.

Midwesterners definitely need more to do on Halloween. At least I've been drinking.

that would make 3 of us.

hey, i went trick or treating for like 3 hours.

 Sam Adams for me. After a nice 3 hour walk door to door. 

 I see The blunt instrument is fighting at 185 on nov 8th. if that helps at all.

Thanks for the response guys.  Filled the spot.  Rob Smith vs. Mike Van Arsdale in Ironheart Crown, next weekend November 8 at the UIC Pavilion!  Be there!!!

Rob who?  How about Allan Goes?  There you go. 

Sounds like Faircloth will be busy fighting in Greenbay on November 8 anyway.

rob smith. look him up, he's fought a lot of big names.