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Does Ronald "Machine Gun" Jhun deserve to be in the UFC? Talk to many the overwhelming answer is yes. Former UFC Fighter Dennis Hallman recently said "Jhun is the most deserving guy in MMA today." John Hackleman, Chuck Liddell's trainer said "Jhun is a scary fighter. He's better than half of the guys they have right now at 170." Jhun has defeated FIVE UFC veterans. Now Jhun is just waiting for his time to shine in the Octagon, waiting for that call.

Jhun received the call this week from MMAWeekly Radio as he discussed his recent victory over Ryan Schultz in Rumble on the Rock and his hopes of fighting in the UFC in the near future.

Ronald's fight against Shultz was considered by many to be the fight on the night on the Rumble on the Rock card, even a candidate for fight of the year so far. The first round went back and forth and ended pretty even. Jhun took a few big shots in round one but said he was never hurt by Schultz in the fight. Going into the fight, Ronald was expecting a brawl and that is what he got.

In the second round, Ronald could see it in Ryan's eyes that he was into Ryan's head. He just kept pushing the pace. In round two, Ronald took over the fight, landing some vicious combinations. The fight would end when Schultz' corner threw in the towel.

It has always been a dream of Ronald's to fight in the UFC. He said he would go up to 185 pounds to get his opportunity but would prefer to fight in the 170 pound division. He is willing to fight anyone at 170 pounds. He mentioned, Robbie Lawler, Nick Diaz, Chris Lytle and Georges St. Pierre. Ronald would like to be on the August UFC card against one of the previously mentioned fighters.

He has heard rumors about a fight with Robbie Lawler for some time now. Ronald would love to fight Lawler. He said Robbie is dangerous to stand in front of and if they were to fight, Jhun would eventually try to take Lawler down and ground and pound his way to victory. A fight between Jhun and anyone of those fighters would be exciting match ups, let's hope the UFC puts one of them together.

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Definitely the fight of the night at ROTR...
And one of the nicest guys I've ever met...

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Ron Jhun is a warrior! I laughed when he said that
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