Ron Jhun Vs. Ryan Shultz ROTR

I heard this match will happen at ROTR

Brennan I heard Ron turned down a fight with Spratt(sp?) I've never heard of Ron ever turning down a fight....

Maybe he figure he beat spratt and spratt had two losts in a row and the fight wouldn't do anything for him..

I never heard of him saying no either. This comment is no disrespect for PETE

I will ask Ron

so who is this guy hes fighting? never heard of him

awesome...thanks ulua for the info


Are you serious about Gil dropping out of WEC?

Shit JT is Tough

I was at the JT Taylor vs Ryan Schultz fight.

I think Ryan could be considered a wrestler/brawler now, as in recent fights he has charged his opponent looking for the KO early. This could be a good go, as Ryan's ground is solid, and standing up I do think Jhun is better, but judging from recent fights Ryan has solid KO power, and could be dangerous there as well.


Ryan is now 6-1 with 5 by KO. When he fought JT it was a 1/2 day notice. A take it or leave it offer to fight so he took it. Ryan came in at 161 or so within a couple lbs and JT came in at almost 180. Ryan did put JT down in rd 1 but got caught in rd 2. Ryan is one tough kid.

Wow, I saw Ryan training today but I didn't know he was fighting Jhun. Those Team Quest guys don't take any easy fights, they seem to just take anything they can get. This is a big step up for Ryan.

I will say this, he looked pretty good out there, Randy was having a hard time getting him down, they were going at it pretty good.

From what I've heard, Ryan's wrestling skills are top notch and that's his strength...but he loves to brawl. I don't know that any of his fights have even gone to the ground.

Jhun 4 President

Bu Laia for prez lol

Ryan "The Lion" Schultz

wow he has alot of facial hair...

ttt for team quest!!...good luck shultz

I heard from Jhun that he found out after that someone turned down the fight with Spratt. Jhun said he always fight anyone and he had nothing to do with the turn down with the fight with spratt. Went on to say he never turned down a fight with anyone never will.

Good luck Ryan Wish you the best of luck!

Is this the same Jhun that has the Ultimate Pin Escape videos? The skinny Chinese guy?

Next to the Ralph Gracie series, these are the worst videos I have ever seen.