puts shit in perspective frens

sadly, paul strategy was to run w/ Rs so gonna get labelled that gdi.

The ONLY reservations I have about Paul is that he will get ZERO cooperation from the dems while in office, and will likely have a lot of resistance from the now faggoty repubs as well. He will be virtually alone trying to get things done...and undone.

He will then need a tremendous amount of persuasive personality ala Reagan to appeal directly to the people instead...and I don't know if he has that.

...though he does have the Constitution. Maybe Him with a team of good Constitutional lawyers constantly attacking much of the unconstitutional shit that's been hoisted upon us can bring us back closer to normal.

he has guns.

 I have a good feeling about Ron Paul this time around. I think he will get the nomination and prove everyone wrong. If Im wrong, I hope he runs as an independent.

agreed matt!

Shit just got unreal!

For non-believers


gdi that shirt is baddass! i'm ordering one now