Well they arent  Judo players.

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Opponents posture, movement not very good.  That being said he has good judo throws.  I like his "Japanese" method of pulling down a couple of times ( to get a reaction) and up for his seionage.  Would of loved to watch his stand-up skills against "A" level judo players.   His ground skills would be better than most "A" level players.

He is OK.

Agree, never know how good your judo is unless you have worthy opponents.  Opponents in the video are not applying any pressure..  This is why competing in judo at your level is a better guage of abilities.  Against A level player he wouldn't look very good, even though his judo is very good. 

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Well they arent  Judo players.

You can say vice versa about every sub in judo comp.

Watch the subs in the recent Tel Aviv Grand Slam Ippons I posted. How would any world BJJ player survive against the top judo players considering how physical the matches are before they hit the ground?  Some of the subs are due to skill difference between the players who get throttled in the throw or worn out from the match and defend poorly on the ground.  I would like to see just one world BJJ player go up against for example  Beka (-90k) from Georgia in a judo match. Get picked up and slammed and see how they defend on the ground.  

Beka manhandling judokas in -90k.  The monster of judo they call him.

Lets see some ground work after this ordeal.

Yeah true.

Who wants to stand back up if wazari scored?  Beka like to pin off his throws.  

He is a monster and very good at countering.

The way he positions himself close and directly in front of the opponent. He knows he can dominate the exchange at close range. He doesn’t want the opponent to be gripping and moving him around especially sideways which nullifies his power position or upsetting his base making him vulnerable between the legs.