Ronda's obsession with poor Ariany.

no respect for hierarchy anymore

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ProctorMMA - Insecurities.
. Phone Post 3.0

and? so what?

everyone has em to an extent, it's pretty normal, most pro level champion athletes do

she's frickin world champ and has achieved more in her field than most here

girl gets blasted way too much, I hope she gets her hollywood money and says bye to all this mma crap

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The Brotorious B.I.G - Women, man. They all hate each other, even the ones that are friends Phone Post 3.0
This. Phone Post 3.0
Totally this. They have there own pecking order. Phone Post 3.0

Complexes... Phone Post 3.0

Those ring card girls, especially the most visible ones, are in a way marketers or ambassadors for the UFC. They are probably on the road more than half the weeks of the year working. I don't know what they make, but for as visible and popular as they are with fans, they are probably worth a couple hundred thousand. I don't think the lowest level fighters should make that, though surely there are some that aren't who should.

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OMA (tm) - She has made quite a few comments. I see some truth to this post. Makes me feel sorry for Rhonda. No matter what she accomplishes she still huts inside and that's what brings these type comments out.

She needs to talk to a professional about this. Her tough outer behavior is a way to protect herself on the inside. A way to not feel vulnerable Phone Post 3.0
I wonder if momma rousey was a hugger,Ronda seems to need a hug. Phone Post 3.0
Yeah! This explains Romda's constant need for approval from her friends. Because she could never gain her Mothers.

So sad Phone Post 3.0
Was gonna say this.

Classic family dynamics is that a father's love is earned through achievment and a mother's love is unconditional.

Seems mom took the dad role here and now Ronda can't stand Arianny getting "love" without in her mind "achieving" anything.

As a professional psychiatrist without a degree or experience this is my theory. Phone Post 3.0

My guess is that with Rhonda being friends with the Diaz brothers, Nate is probably still pouting, and likely does make far less than Arianny. Rhonda has much more leverage than Nate, so she is trying to make his case for him. Phone Post 3.0

I am pretty sure Rousey made more money from Maxim for her pictures than most UFC fighters do a year.
So, what's she bitching about exactly? Phone Post 3.0

Classic, butch vs model. Phone Post 3.0

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Ronda tried to intimidate Dennis Hallman (who could never do anything whatsoever in any situation onvolving her like Caraway lest he be labelled a Ray Rice for life) into leaving her poor brotastic coach alone who picked the fight with Tate's team and wanted to tuck balls like a cuckold.

She doesn't want being a woman to matter, yet uses it when it suits her. Doesn't want looks to matter, yet thumbed her nose at the ringcard girl who is paid what she is for obvious reasons considering who owns these companies, and she has a legion of pitbull internet white knights to play the hater card if you implicate any of this laying obvious and logically out there for all to see. Does she say anything that she doesn't run over and pretend she didn't, shortly after?

This. Phone Post 3.0