RONIN-Nick Denis, the New Champion

Congrats nick, Great win!

Nick Congrats on the win Bro!

way to go Nick!!!!!

Nick is one of the youngest KOTC champs, and the ladies swamp him!

Congratulations Nick! You worked hard and you deserve it, we are proud to have you as one of our champions. You will go far in this sport.

Also congratulations to Dave Scholten for putting up one hell of a fight and making it a night to remember for all in attendance!

awesome pic!

This trip was awesome!

Let the pics begin!

Nick is pretty much a minature golf I unfortunately found out.

Fun times with fish faces

Flamingos WTF!

Segways RULE!

Training for the Zombpocalypse!

Who needs a sauna when you can dance the weight off!

Nick and Dave fight for the belt.  Special referee.... a Sealion!

Nick wins the belt!

After party Shenanigans

Bringing the belt back to Ottawa

man i wish i could have drove a segway out to the ring



Awesome pic....too bad I miss this one!!!LOL!!!