RONIN-Nick Denis, the New Champion

Nick by TKO 3rd round....The "NEW" King Of The Cage Champion!!

The PARTY is on tonight at Local Hero's.(Merivale/Clyde)

Congrats Champ!!!

Ben Meireles

definitely the fight of the night. nick beat up scholten standing, escaped
some dangerous situations on the ground, kept his composure, and put a
stamp on things in the 3rd round with a brutal flying knee followed by a
barrage of unanswered punches. unreal fight. congratulations to the ninja
of love!

congrats are the man


Congratulations Nick. I'm extremely proud of you bro, you worked hard for this and you deserve it. You've done us all proud. gets all teary eyed

congrats, again.


Congrats to Team Ronin! Awesome!

Way to go Nick!!!!!

Craig Brown

Great Job, watching Nick train last week left no doubt of his mental and physical prep for this.

Awesome fight, Scholten had some great wrestling and submission attempts, Denis with good escapes and great stand up! Very high paced and high caliber fight.

Definitely title caliber match!!!

Great job to both.

High Fives to the Ninja of Love


Well done, Nick!

Awsome job Nick in knew you'd pull this off.Congrats!!!!!!!

Awesome news!

Congrats Nick!


you are the man nick, all the hard work has payed off!


Merci everyone for all the nice words.

The whole trip was awesome, Wade, Dan and Jan helped me to relax and have fun. Just wait for the pics to be posted on the site, frigg, we had a good time.

The fight was great, my cardio was awesome. All that is because of everyone that helped me prep for this fight... there are too many names to name here, but I can't say how thankful i am to everyone that helped me. Thanks again.


Congrats Nick....

We are all proud of you!!!!

Ninja of Love!!!!


Are you going to bring the belt to Locals? that would be awesome

Nick and Dave easily had the fight of the night!  Dave Scholten was a VERY tough guy and both the first and second rounds could have gone either way.  Nick had better cardio in the third round and was able to turn up the heat and finish with a beautiful knee and ground and pound.

Congrats Nick all of your hard work really paid off!


Ronin MMA

P.S.  LOL at some of the pics we got!  This trip was an absolute riot!

congrats nick

renzo gracie

I always knew you were a champ......Great work Nikayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!