Rookie question on War Machine attack -

I apologize if this has been answered...

From here -

They say he beat that guy up, but then let him go... and then beat her up for 2 hours until she escaped. But they played a 911 call where she says "Let go of him Jon" or something - so that's a call when all three are still there? What happened to the police after the call? Why would she need to get beat up for hours before escaping to the neighbors?

Also - current boyfriend gets beat up and then let go. After being let go - what did he do? Not leave and call the cops?

idk but i bet meth or coke was involved

I have been watching the trial and somehow ..or something is off on the testimonials.

Watch the opening statement. They said what happened.

He was scared to call the cops but he eventually did.

And all she did was call the cops and hide the phone so the cops could hear what was going on but they couldn't really find her because they couldn't track the phone. She couldn't tell them the address because war machine would've saw her on the phone and killed her.