Rory MacDonald Fights Gleison Tibau Thursday 6/17 PFL

Finally. I’ve been waiting for this fight for years.


Bit of a random fight. Could be a slow one. Tibau is hard to finish and Rory likes to sit behind his jab. Wouldn’t be surprised with a Rory TKO or a sub after wailing on Tibau for a while. Tibau not known for his finishing prowess and while he has hulk takedowns I don’t think he’ll outwrestle a big WW.

I thought Rory was still with Bellator lol.

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Not many photos of RORY in PFL to date

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MacDonald made his professional debut at the age of sixteen, winning in the 1st round by submission against Terry Thiara at an Extreme Fighting Challenge event via rear naked choke.

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Thank god Rory left the UFC to face top competition elsewhere.


Rory was never the same fighter after that 2nd fight with Lawler.


Wow, I could have been not interested in this fight 7 years ago.


Im sorry HFT , I just like posting MMA News and up coming events. I cant help it if the card is not phan phavorites !

Rorys 1st fight in the UFC was against Mike Guymon , Joker
We Thought RORY was dead Man Walking
Rory came in and dooshed the phan phave :frowning:

hows this ?

Tecia Torres vs. Angela Hill 2 set for UFC 265


Holy shit that is a must see after Tecia finished her first fight in four years!

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Is Rory getting paid in bitcoins?

I hope he wins this tournament. Rory is a beast but
I will probably forget this fight Friday is happening


It’s amazing how some fighters are literally race horses. They’ll go till their body quits. Rory is a prime example. That a Lawler fight. Christ.
I hope he wins the tourney, invests properly and retires.

How bad did he get robbed Vs tibau? Didn’t watch