Rory MacDonald looking for Main Event status @ 152


Now that doesnt have a main event, i think ME and should fill the spot! vs

if they can get a strong Co-Main Event, I like it...

Doesn't he want a large PPV bonus?

Rory headlining draws nothing.

Rashad versus Jones PLUS Rory drew 700K.

A considered to be past his prime BJ Penn in a main event versus a guy with the personality of one of GSP's suits will do 400K buys and that's being VERY generous.

Odds of the UFC doing this?

Guaranteed. Rory isn't tweeting a request as he is so much being a promotional tool as it's already known he vs Penn will be the main event.

The co-main will be something that doesn't draw either.

250K on the low end to 475K max for this event.

The UFC needs to stop it with these one and two fight cards and especially so when it's not like they are giving us killer main events on each card. Phone Post

 I wonder if Rory just checks his email for instructions from the UFC on what to say next...

UFC says call out BJ Penn, Rory calls out BJ Penn.
UFC says say you want to be main event, Rory tweets that he wants to be main event.

This fight is a very good co-main, but it's not a main event fight on PPV.

If UFC has him saying this shit on Twitter then it's already a done deal. Penn/MacDonald will main event UFC 152. 

I didn't like BJ's chances in a 3 round fight, now a 5 rounder coming off the longest break of his career? Not good for The Prodigy. That said, there's a big difference between fighting Che MIlls and BJ Penn.

I would like Franklin vs Belfort II for the main.

i would want 5 rounds to wrestle Bj too if i were him!

I hope BJ gets whoever did his cardio training for the Diego Sanchez fight even though it was at lightweight. He needs it especially for a five rounder. Phone Post

Wait, I thought I already posted in this thread.

This is fighting BJ Penn 101 at 170, but tweeting it like that...?

Was he in Sixteen Candles?

I like the fight but it's not main event caliber.