Rose got what she deserved

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Fun times. You win some ya lose some.

I remember actually as a kid my mum started dating some chap who was an ex boxer. (white if anyone’s wondering) I was asking him about it and he was telling me he called it quits when he got bashed up in a fight one sided. Said he realized he wasn’t gonna reach the top and just got a job instead.

I’ve no idea what his name is and I’m not sure what level he was at.

Thinking on this, Rosie sexton got absolutely hammered in one of her fights. I can’t remember which fight because wmma is bollocks but I was in awe of her courage. She was like a fucken Spartan, she would not give up even in the face of this mauling.

And then it turns out she’s like the smartest lady on the planet she just did MMA for fun.

This. What in the actual fuck.

until rashad knocked out salmon i remember like 13 fights (including tuf) that were boring as hell