Rose unranked while Andrade ranked at two weights?

5 fights ago Rose beat Andrade.
3 and 4 fights ago Rose beat Weili.
2 fights ago Rose lost some boring fight I didn’t watch vs Carla and then she just lost to Fiorot up at FLW.

Its weird to see UFC ranked Andrade 5th at FLW and 4th a SW when she just went 2-3 in her last five but Rose who is 3-2 in her last five with four of those fights being title fights is unranked in both classes.

I’ll have to look and see if they still have Conor and Tony in top ten spots without wins in years and years like they did forever.

Don’t give two shits about UFC rankings really but its laughable UFC has Andrade ranked top 6 in both classes and no rank in either for Rose.

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UFC rankings are; in general; a pile of wank and should be largely ignored.

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If Rose hasn’t fought recently (more than a year or so), she might be removed from the rankings to make way for more active fighters.

Abolish the UFC women’s divisions