ROSS= "poor" name for it?



will do =)


ROSS - A System of Performance Enhancement



Somatic Engineering



Martial Art---Health---Physical Culture




  • Tribal Strengthening

  • Community Revitalization

  • Cultural Rejuvenation

...Evolution through the incremental 'process of growth'...

Ponder this:

' The path IS the purpose ' - Scott Sonnon


"at anyrate, it doesn't really matter, the message that ROSS isn't just sambo
is being spread... "

That clarifies a little ... so it is not about what you think , but more about what others think when they hear ROSS .

It is always nice when we have a quick sentence or two accurately describing what we are into . Whether it be ROSS or TCMS or whatever ... the ease of transmission , the ability to articulate these in terms that Joe Public will appreciate is always useful .


not asthetics, but descriptively...

at anyrate, it doesn't really matter, the message that ROSS isn't just sambo is being spread...

Sothy has a good idea, but i can't think if the words for it.

Sambo means self-defence without weapons, and while, admitedly, combat sambo does deal with weapons, sambo is primarily a non-weapon art that teaches self-defence.

Thus, the name is a good one, you can call it camBo if you like...

ROSS just doesn't seem like a good name. I don't mean how it sounds, that is fine, I mean what ROSS means...

I dont like the name SAMBO either. "No its not little black SAMBO and his buddy the tiger, its wrestling from russia"

How about Russian Wrestling? or European Belt and Jacket Wrestling?

ROSS = huh? SAMBO = wtf?

cool, but with words being power, I still feel a better name could be found :^)

Asthetically , perhaps it is unappealing . But isn't the neuro-association that it has with X , Y , Z , and how they allow you to become a better person on so many levels supercede the need for asthetics ? Note: X,Y,Z encompass all that ROSS has to offer . It seems to me , that if it is not ... then our 'egos' are at work , no ?Cheers , Var

"Scott, take ROSS to America and share it with your compatriots, but don't try to be Russian. Use ROSS as a blueprint for what we do here. With ROSS you shall be able to rejuvenate your cultural heritage and revitalize your communities and cultivate your tribal strength."

-It's a shame more people cannot see the depth of this wisdom. I'm only beginning to get it...and it's endless!

"Train hard, eat a lot, sleep well." -Gen.Retuinskih

Be well & safe all.


'R.O.S.S. is the Russian acronym for
In English language, this can be translated as the "Russian Native System of Self-defense".'

Taken from Ameross website.

Now, given that ROSS is much more than a system of self-defence, does the name that the General came up with leave a bit to be desired? I'm not dissing his naming skills =), just wondering if the name (and what it means) has caused too much confusion (as I initially thought that Ross was just sambo, and then I thought that it was another RMA, and then...).

I remember that one of the schools was called "Renovated Judo/Sambo" but was renamed "Renovated Grappling" because the original name was no longer descriptive enough...

Should ROSS be renamed?

I think the name is very unappealing also.