Rothwell Kickboxing Saturday

"Big" Ben Rothwell will be making his kickboxing debut Saturday in Milwaukee. He is fighting in the reserve match of the "King of the Gladiators" 8 Man tournament vs "Dirty" Doug Sauer.

Sounds like a great card!!

Ben's a great fighter, this should be a good one. ttt...

awesome event

Duke- did you get my email?

Ben Rothwell became my favorite fighter after Euphoria

Good luck to my boy Ben....hes been knocking people out for years now. This boy hits HARD!


Ben SUCKS! ;)

wants to get Ben fights in the future!

Good luck Ben! :)

holy crap didnt know the duke posted here!

Best of luck, Ben!

"holy crap didnt know the duke posted here!"

From talking to Duke, he is easily one of the most down to earth guys that I have ever talked to in this sport. He is in it for the love of the sport, not the money (although, I am sure that he likes money! ;) lol)! Ben trains at MFS, and is managed by Pat and I. However, the "secret ingredient" is the fact that Ben trains with Duke on the weekends! ;)


Thanks for the kind props! I have the utmost respect for Pat. He is a great fighter & great coach. Ben is a fun guy to coach. I like coaching guys who enjoy getting better. You are a great rep for MFS.

Thanks agin to MFS for hooking this fight for Ben up.

I can not wait for Ben to make it to the big show. Pat has been a great mentor to Ben. I am happy to to help Ben with some striking & sponsor gear.

Hopefully, I can help some more with your team.

Thank you!

Well looks like I'll be in Milwaukee on saturday. Ben is a bad bad man. He has a brighter future in this sport than most presently know. The guy hits like a Mack Truck and a ground game to boot. Looking forward to this event!!

Pat stop at the locker rooms & say Hi. Thanks for the support!

I have my work cut out. 2 pros & 6 amateur fighters on the show.

Driving down from Canada for this show its gonna be a great one.

Should be fun guys!

Alot of UG people will be in the house.

John Hackleman
Mike Camp
Doug Sauer
Travis Fulton
Shawn Tompkins
Henry Matamoros
Pat O'Malley

PS Shawn, bring Jeff up with you!

Thanks again for all the support! We are going to roll out the red carpet for the fighters & Martial Arts celebs here.

pat o'malley will be there. Hopefully I can get him liquored up and take advantage of him just like last year down in florida. Remember that Pat, good times, good times.

Oh how I remember Nick, but seeing as how I don't drink I think we all know who was taken advantage of!!!

Duke I will certainly stop by and say hello. If you need help with anything, let me know.

Pat O'Malley


TTT for Ben and Duke.

Go Ben! Make sure u win so u can buy me dinner.