Roufus vs Mighty Mo in April

I just heard from a very reliable source that Rick Roufus is going to be fighting Mo in the April K1. I think this would be a very bad fight for Mo, but I would love to see it.


I thought Rick retired.

Bad fight for MO?I think it could be a bad fight for Rick

I thought Rick retired with horrendous knee injuries. I predict pain if this fight goes on.

Rick took some time out after his Akebono fight, but he is gearing up for this fight with Mo. He always stays in excellent shape, and when he does his pre fight training he trains like a madman. I was a fan of Mo's but after seeing Kaoklai knock him out with a head kick (which I would have NEVER had predicted, leg kicks maybe but NEVER a kick to the head.)I know he can be knocked out. I think Rick is the man to do it. Roufus is old school tough.

Mo will KHTFO!!!!

Rick is super tough and I am a huge fan of his.  I hope he does great and keeps going for a while.  The Roufus boys always bring it!

The BLAZE --- formerly known as TheJET ;) 

Rick roufus was at his prime TWELVE FUCKING YEARS AGO. Why is he still getting fights?

why would this fight be much different that the one they fought two years ago. the jet was coming off knee surgeries then as well and still handed mo's ass to him.

That was a different Mo.This is the fighter from the Shark Tank that is known as Mighty Mo,not Maurice "Mo" Smith

Mo by KO

It seems that Rick may just need to work on his flying kicks to the head. Like the 170lb guy Mo fought last.

This will be K-1 USA ???????


ttt for hoping this happens.