Round scoring from the BJJ view

If a wrestler is fighting a BJJ fighter and the wrestler takes the BJJ fighter down, it is obviously a credit to the BJJ fighter as he wanted it to be on the ground to begin with. Score round 10-8 to BJJ fighter.

If the BJJ fighter gets one close, but not quite good enough submission attempt, it is likely that the other person tapped and the ref didn't see it or he was really out and nobody noticed. Score round 10-8 BJJ fighter.

If the wrestler is on top and the BJJ fighter simply maintains a guard, it is obvious that the wrestlers ground and pound has been neutralized. Score round 10-8 BJJ fighter.

If a wrestler is on top of a BJJ fighter and the wrestler attempts a submission, it is obvious that the wrestler is frustrated and unable to ground and pound. Score round 10-8 BJJ fighter.

There is no doubt that some threads make me laugh.But this thread by bflex is the best sarcasm that I have read in awhile.

Goodjob bflex!

If a wrestler takes down a bjj guy into his guard and almost gets caught in a few subs and is hit more by the bjj guy than he is able to strike even though he is on top.... than the wrestler dominated.

good stuff - ttt

ttt for my attempt at humor

When did a draw become anathema in this sport? Sometimes neither fighter earns the win, I realize fanboys hate it, but sometimes it's like that.

All this being said, I thought Charuto probabaly should've gotten the nod personally, but a draw would've been fair IMHO.

This post makes solid points following UG-BJJ faction logic.

But sadly, as CharlesFFA/AFA deftly points out, it's the "man on top" logic that still seems to dominate UFC scoring.

If it is the "man on top" logic that dominates UFC judging then the BJJ fighters should sharpen up their takedown defense as they know that is the judging criteria. Don't bitch about what it should be, it is what it is. Either adapt like the wrestlers did by learing how to avoid submissions or take your ball and go home. It is the way it is and we all know how it works so stop bitching and adapt if you want to win. If BJJ fighters want to whine, which they seem best at, then keep butt flopping.

bflex has just taken down the "correct" and pounded it into submission.