Rousey and Lesnar Should Breed

 In 20 years their creation would be a huge blonde super athlete who will hate to take a shot and wreck people on the ground. For the sake of the future of MMA: get to it

Who gets to be on top though?

Gokudamus stole my name - Who gets to be on top though?

 whoever gets the TD first

Kid would be one terrible boxer.

If they have a girl will she have to get a penis tattooed on her chest?

Auzzie the troll is weak in you.


I think Brock should mate with the Reem!

BEEP! Phone Post

Auzzie - 
_33 - Kid would be one terrible boxer.

Right, because boxing technique is only affected by genetics, not time and practice.

 You posted in a thread about genetics being used to create a takedown machine.

DamnSevern -  JUST BREED!

 nice, we got theJUST BREED guy over here!

DamnSevern -  JUST BREED!


No, she should breed with someone who has good striking defense. Phone Post

a HOT russian

 Their kid could play Thor in the movies, be an NFL player, be the first American to be awesome at Rugby, win ADCC or dominate MMA in an exciting way

Poor kid wouldn't be able to walk.

All heel, no toes.

Sweet a Ronda Rousey fusion fighter breeding thread!

Hendo + Rousey = certain death

and of course A. Silva + Rousey = fucking illegal

 Jon Jones and Rousey?
GSP and Rousey?



DamnSevern -  JUST BREED!
Haha genuine lol Phone Post

beanouno - 
DamnSevern -  JUST BREED!
Haha genuine lol

And accurate too! I do feel like breeding right now!