Rousey great grandfather, black?

Can anyone confirm this article? According to the article, it states that her great grandfather was a black physician named Dr. Alfred E. Waddell. (well, to be honest it says he's from Trinidad and he himself is probably mixed)

Have you seen her mum? She's quite obviously mixed race

Sadly, she didn't inherit that black boxing style. She should've sparred with Kim Couture.

big daddy yum yums - Whadda ta my damie..
Sada tay

And this is important why?

That's funny you posted this because I was just wondering what ethnicity her great grand parents were. Thanks for clearing that up, pal!



Rondas mom is Venezuelan or decendent of Venezuela I remember an old interview where Ronda said she didnt learn spanish since she had a speech impediment as a child. Her mom focused just on english.

that explains all th hate she's getting!

racism on the ug!

Who gives a shit?