Rousey sole MMA fighter on SI's top 112 list

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                                Rousey sole MMA fighter on SI's top 112 list

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                    <p><a href="http://Rousey sole MMA fighter on SI's top 112 list" target="_blank">Sports Illustrated </a>has ranked the 112 &quot;most mind-blow, record shattering, earth-shaking, mystifying, seriously sublime sports moments, memes &amp; memories of the past year.&quot;</p>

Mixed Martial Arts made the list only once, and it wasn't Anderson Silva or Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones or even Chael Sonnen. It was Ronda Rousey.

She's the biggest rising star in women's mixed martial arts, if not the sport as a whole. Ronda Rousey's rise has been meteoric. In just nine fights (both professional and amateur) -- all first-round victories by arm bar -- Rousey has become an MMA sensation. In November, Rousey became the first female fighter to sign with the UFC. She's scheduled to fight Liz Carmouche in her debut at UFC 157. The fight will not just be the UFC's first women's bout, it will also be the first women's bout to headline a UFC pay-per-view. The UFC is banking heavily on Rousey.

The rest of the list includes:
•That Olympic weight lifter who dropped 432 pounds on his head (#109)
•The guy who broke the speed of sound free falling (#100)
•Kayla Harrison earning America's first gold medal in Judo (#62)
•Oscar Pistorius blade running in the Olympics. (#46)
•McKayla Maroney's b!^$# face (#37)
•Lance Armstrong's 'massive fraud now fully exposed.' (#24)
•The Green Bay-Seattle touchdown call (#1)

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They didn't have Anderson on the list? Insane.

Pistorius should be #1 for what it represents. Phone Post

I hate all sports but MMA. Fuck this sports politics. Phone Post

Sounds like a legit sports list lol Phone Post

She's becoming the most popular mma fighter. Phone Post

shes not a draw because I said so!!!!!111



I would have liked to see Nick Newell on this list because really...who ever would have thought we'd see a 1 1/2 armed man with a championship belt even though its a smaller org? He's still kicking some ass. Hopefully he'll get his recognition if he continues to climb the ladder.

Could sense the anger when i glanced at the heading

Also you guys should read the OP. This doesnt exactly sound like a list of who did the best this year (yea they have some record breakers but with "That Olympic weight lifter who dropped 432 pounds on his head (#109)" on the list I think putting Anderson on would just be insulting.

Sillyness extraordinaire....


It really shows that MMA is is not even near mainstream status.


Ronda will be start that will burn very brightly for a very short time but will peter out pretty fast afterwards. I appreciate the fact that woman are getting a chance to compete in the number one MMA promotion and i do think they should stay a part of it. But people who think that the relevance will ever be truly compatible with males competing in the sport are slightly disillusional.


ESPN should start embracing MMA as a whole instead of treating it like some kind of novelty act.