Roxanne Modafferi - Back home, happy, hungry

Hey UG, spoke with UG member and international woman of fighting and mystery, Roxanne Modafferi this week about her upcoming Invicta fight, Dec. 5, on UFC Fight Pass.

“Many of my friends had been telling me to move back to the U.S., that the training here was the best,” she remembers.

“But I chose not to believe that. After TUF, where we were treated so specially, and taken care of by the coaches, I could see what they were talking about. It took me over the course of the TUF season, so about six weeks, to make the decision. On the day we left, I looked over to Jessamyn Duke – who had been telling me to come back to the States – and I said, ‘I’m moving back.’”


On a lesser important note, this is my final story for Yahoo! Sports. Been super proud to be there this past year-plus, but beginning Nov. 17, I'll be covering the fights from a new home. 

Thanks to everyone for reading, and thanks to the athletes and personalities like Roxanne for their heart and time, and who make my work possible.

Here's my lil note to readers at the end of the story:

A note from Elias Cepeda

To all our regular Cagewriter readers, this is the final story in my current Yahoo! Sports run. Beginning Nov. 17, I will be covering the fights from a new home.

While I’m excited for the new opportunity, it’s a bittersweet moment for me, because I’ve greatly enjoyed the past year-plus here with you all. I’d like to thank my editors Cody Brunner and Kevin Kaduk for the opportunity, and their support and leadership.

I also want to thank my colleagues Dave Doyle – who has served this site so well, for so long, in different capacities – and Kevin Iole. Their kindness, experience, and helpfulness made my work possible, and better.

I do not yet know who will take the reigns here at Cagewriter, but I wish them all the success in the world. Yahoo! is an important place to be, and one hundred percent of that importance is derived from all of our visitors and readers.

Thank you all for reading and following us. Stay tuned in, and stay ornery.

Enjoy the fights, guys.

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GL Rox!