Roy Dean No Gi DVDs?

Do the Roy Dean No Gi instructionals offer more than what I can get from the Saulo or Marcelo no gi instructionals?
If so, what?

I posted a detailed overview of Roy's No Gi set.. Awesome Set... Maybe my overview will help you, I broke down a lot of the focus(i.e. a good bit of what's covered)..

Here it is:


I was looking at these on the net. I honestly don't know the first thing about practicing BJJ, I have always been the submission grappling/catch wrestling type of guy but honestly I'm pretty open to learning new things. Getting ready to start work on my building for my school and would love to get some new material.

These Blue Belt, Purple Belt requirement DVD's, do you get the opportunity to test with Roy Dean for these belts?

The DVD videos looked very interesting.


These Blue Belt, Purple Belt requirement DVD's, do you get the opportunity to test with Roy Dean for these belts?


 The thing with the Roy Dean DVDs is that they are all about technique presentation and details

If you are a beginner you get the perfect form of the movements. If you are able to execute the Basics as good as Roy Dean is showing them you can easily switch to some competition oriented stuff from Saulo and Garcia.

I like them very much and they show the beauty of BJJ.

Take care

Björn Friedrich

pachanga, thanks for the answer. I checked out his website and it kinda filled me in. I'm more than likely going to pick up the blue belt/purple belt/no gi DVD's closer to time to opening my school. Looks like he has some pretty damn good technique.

The Roy Dean No gi dvd is good but Saulo's is in a completely different league!!! Start with Saulo's no matter what level you are!!!

Just bought the full Roy Dean compilation, look forward to working on it.

I think that Roy Dean's No Gi DVDs are awesome.  He's really hit his stride with a fast moving instructional style that gives you a ton of details in an entertaining and easy to follow format.  Two thumbs up!

Stephan Kesting

Roy puts out excellent DVDs. Cant go wrong.

The format of the No-gi Essentials DVD is outstanding. It's set up as a series of 12 lessons, so that you can watch it in pieces and take the time to digest the contents of each one.

I had my copy playing one day when one of my students (purple belt) stopped by to pick something up. He instantly sat down and was mesmerized. I asked him what was up, and he said "I saw something new in the first ten seconds. Can I borrow this DVD?" :)

How long is each dvd? I remember Blue Belt Requirements was heavy with material but Purple Belt Requirements was a little bit lighter.

Roy's dvds are well priced at under $50 so its a great deal either way, just curious on the run time if anyone can help me out.