Roy Harris BJJ Seminar WNY June


I will be having my instructor, Roy Harris (, in Rochester, NY, for a two-day (8 hours) BJJ seminar on June 10 & 11. The seminar will be $110 for both days and $65 for one day. Please contact me,, if you have any questions.

- Kyle

I hope Rebecca and I can make it down this year Kyle.



what will he be covering on both days?

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Kyle - you going to Erie this weekend?


Mike, sounds good!

4 Ranges, not sure, but I'm looking for suggestions.

TT, yes I will be there. One of my students is going too.

- Kyle

I dunno, Roy taught no-gi guard passing LAST year at Rochester......


Awesome. I'll be there!!!!

ttt for goooooooooooood seminars!


Some suggestions for your seminar:

  • No-gi guard passing

  • No-gi submissions from the closed guard

  • No-gi sweeps from closed guard

  • No-gi escapes from sidemount

  • No-gi head control concepts

  • No-gi omoplata/omoplata transitions and escapes

TT, sounds good. I hear that a lovely shade of lavender or puce is probably gonna look good on you! :)

4 ranges & billy jee, I guarantee that if you attend, you'll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions on those areas.

I am also scheduling private and semi-private slots with Roy.

- Kyle



if i can make it up there sunday, does roy have time for privates?  or is he leaving sunday?


Hi Don, yes Roy will time for privates Sunday morning, but after the seminar on Sunday will not be possible due to time constraints with his departing flight.

- Kyle


Lavender, eh? My last belt was can't get much worse.

DUDE, it was such a pleasure to roll with you on Saturday. I can still feel your shoulder on my jaw... :) nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Feel free to put a clinic like that on me, anytime!


PS - Hope says that if you set aside a gi jacket that you don't want anymore, she'll convert it into grippers when we come out in June. (She finished the first sleeve of mine on Sunday and we did some pullups on worked!)




Hey TT, sorry about the jaw! It was definitely good to roll with ya though.

I have just the gi top for Hope! Definitely see you both in June.

- Kyle

lol @ billy jee