Roy Harris Seminar Thank You's

Thank you to everyone who supported the Roy Harris seminar on the week-end. It was a huge success with 59 students in attendance! We had people attend from Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Silvan Lake, Okotoks, Cochrane, Cranbrook, and Vancouver. It was a great show of support.

The day was spent on the straight foot lock and covered some fantastic information. Everyone looked to have had a great time but to top it off, at the end of the day, Roy drew 10 random names and gave away his new DVD to those people!

I would also like to congratulate Willie Elman and Lee Hyung-Keun for being promoted to Blue belt by Roy. Great job guys!

Roy will be returning to Calgary in August for some private training and testing, and then again on November 20th and 21st for a two day seminar.

Brian Bird

Brian, glad to hear things went well. I'll save some time in Aug as long as it's not the long weekend;) congratulations(sp?) guys on the blue belts.



I thank you and Sheila for hosting this seminar. Without your
efforts, this seminar would not happen.

I look forward to working with you and Sheila in August/
September. For the November seminar, I would like to give away
twenty (20) copies of BJJ 201 DVD to those who attend the two day

Please say hello to Blair, Nick, Marsha, Lee and Willie for me! It was
good to see them again!

Roy Harris

P.S. Tell Lee that I may not be able to make it to Calgary before he
leaves for Korea. However, I will send him an e-mail about coming
to visit him in Korea in December on my way back from the
Philippines and Taiwan!


That DVD offer for the November seminar is very generous! Thank you.

I will say hi to everyone and tell Lee that you will e-mail him.



I will be sending Lee's and Willie's Blue Belt Certificate to your
academy this week. They should have it next week sometime.

Also, I have added their names to the promotions list on my
website. They can find their names on this page:

Take care.

Roy Harris

I will let them know!


Hi, Roy!

On behalf of Lee and myself, thank you for the promotions! When I said that the last part of the exam was a "heavy burden", what I should have added was that it was all technique. ;)

A special thanks also goes out to Brian for the time and effort he spent with Lee and myself refining our technique for the exam - thanks, Brian! (The 2+ years helping me out finally paid off!)

BTW, my legs/calves/ankles/feet are still sore from the weekend...oh, but what a weekend!


It was an awesome seminar. Thank you to Mr Harris for comming out again . Luckily , I was one of the fortunate few who recieved a free dvd. I havent been able to watch it yet,(stupid day job), but Im really looking forward to it .

Congrats Willie and Lee. The promotions are well deserved!

Take care,

Brad Cardinal

Thank you, Roy, for another awesome seminar. And thanks to Brian and Sheila for putting it on. It was really nice having it at the new location.

Congrats Willie and Lee. You guys are going to be even tougher now that you have a blue belt to defend.


Willie and Gyno,

I am glad you had a great weekend!

I thought it was interesting to note that a few people went for
broke during the foot lock sparring sessions. I know many tried to
perform the techniques as shown. However, there were a few
people that ROCKED their partner's world when it came sparring

As I counted down from 5 to 1 to go, I saw a few of these people
INHALE DEEPLY right as I was getting to the number one. As soon
as I said, "Go", they applied their mechanics as hard as they could
and made their partner tap out in the first few seconds. However,
after they had gotten a couple of taps, they went back to trying
the techniques ! ) I thought this was pretty funny!

Roy Harris

A group picture of the seminar is up at:

Do to a conflict in schedule Roy will now be back in Calgary October 23 and 24 as apposed to November.


Glad to hear it went well and that you guys had a great turn out. Chatted with Roy on the net, but as of yet we have not had the pleasure of getting together! I would love to meet and learn from Roy!
Excellent tapes and a great rep.!