Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anderson Silva?

 Roy Jones Jr. versus Anderson Silva?!?

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Posted on : 5/6/2009 

Following his own semi-successful, cross promotion with MMA and Boxing several weeks back, Roy Jones Jr. is now willing to step into the Octagon with Anderson Silva.


Silva had said that he’d be willing to box against Jones but now Jones is willing to step into the Octagon to make the fight happen.  It's not likely Anderson will use that dreaded thigh punch but fans are wondering!


No doubt this would be serious PPV buys and generate a ton of box office sales but this fantasy match isn't likely.


Unfortunate for both fighters, it’s not up to them.


“You won’t see a Silva versus Jones fight while Silva is under contract with me,” UFC President Dana White said regarding the fight in a recent interview.


In typical White fashion, he also proceeded to take jabs at Jones as well saying, “I like Roy Jones and was a fan of his, but he mattered like fifteen years ago. He’s not anywhere near the best boxer in the world. He must’ve spent all his money.”


If both Silva and Jones want to make this fight happen, Silva is going to have to leave the UFC. With challenges in the light heavyweight division looming, many doubt that Silva would ever leave before his contract is up. By then, Jones may be too old to make the fight happen.


It is a dream match that's being thrown around.  Silva and company, who in the past raved about UFC dealings and couldn't understand why some fighters bash Zuffa, were under recent criticisms of his performance.  Some fans agree and some disagree that fighters are paid to WIN and not perform.


If Silva were to leave after his contract expires, there would be a coin flip of a chance the fight would happen in Florida on a Roy Jones Jr. backed event.

they've been talking about this for months--it ain't gonna happen imo :(

 Gotta love what Dana said about Roy "must've spent all his money"

Classic Dana

Jr (way past his prime and is his forties) would knock out Dana's golden boy and he knows it.

Dana White = DTB (Dick Tucking Bitch). Wants to call out select boxers, but when boxers call his bluff he turns tail. Dana has no respect for his own stars abilities.

Would be fun for Silva to test himself but he would get schooled in a major way

Straight up boxing? Roy would kill. Anything else, Silva by whatever he wants, kicks, elbows, knees, groundwork. Roy still could do damage though. I thought Roy already got a fight approved with Nick Dias?

i dont wanna see them box. even a old roy is to much for the best mma guy.and i dont wanna see um fight mma. cause anderson might still get ktfo. i just wanna remember rjj as one of the best p4p gusy ever and let anderson kick the crap out of people his own weight forever. but sadly it aint gonna happen.