Roy Jones on the UFC...

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"""Well, at least he's done something right.""""

I do like MMA more then Boxing but im still a huge boxing fan,,, Boxing
has a great history even know there is alot of b.s these days there are still
plenty of good fights every year,, I dont understand why so many mma
fans hate boxing,, one of mma's most utilized tools is boxing right?
anyway just my 2 cents.

oh thank god roy approves!!!

This is the way it should be.Appreciation from mma guys and boxers for both sports.I love mma ,but i also love a good boxing match.I don't knock either

Fantastic boxer, awful musician.

so much fun to watch at times, amazing speed.

Roy's been a fan, he been to a couple of UFC back in the day

RJJ has been seen at UFC events

^ You cannot be serious.

Can you imagine Jones trying to teach math? Or learn math?

TTT of RJJ, one of my favorite all time boxers

Roy was absolutely one of the best boxers in history. For about a decade he flat out dominated people. He was exciting to watch, was had incredible defense, blazing speed and hit like a fucking truck. He is the most well rounded boxer I have ever seen.

There are guys like PBF who can turn fights boring because they are so technical and are content to take the lop sided decision win vs. going for the KO, but Roy was just as technical but he still tried to knock guys out, and he often did. He has 38 KO's in his 51 wins, and almost all of his KO's were made for a highlight reel.

One of the coolest things I remember about his career was the Pazienza fight. I'm not sure if the record still stands, but at the time he was the only fighter ever to make it through an entire round without the opponent landing a punch. So he showed his incredible defense against Paz and still knocked him out ugly in 6.

No matter who Roy fought he looked to be head and shoulders above, and many of the guys he made look like bums were either champs at the time, or went on to be world champs. Guys like Griffin and Virgil Hill had very good careers after being hammered by Roy.

"can you guys imagine a standup battle between franklin and Roy??LOFL..." "Roy would be giving up about 15 pounds if he were in his prime (pre bulk - up for his HW forays) and would have been on his back in a couple seconds with Franklin mashing him. Poor example. Unless of course you mean Roy with the fabled 6 months of sprawl training."

Ummm...he asked about a stand up battle........a stand up battle between with Roy and anyone from 170 to 205 would be the same outcome. Roy would score more points...and most likely get the knock out!

lol at Jones' prime being "short".

Cool & classy guy right there.

Anybody talking about the potential hands of RJ in MMA needs to remember this -- he had far better technique, speed and poetry in his shots wearing 10-oz gloves compared to 4 oz MMA gloves. In a standup fight -- kicks included -- I still say he'd stomp just about any MMA fighter.

yeah, i said it.

I wish he would have never dropped a rap album though

"Funny how Jones' prime was so short since he was knocked out by Tarver... The fight with Johnson was horrible, he got dominated."

You're an idiot. That was the tail end of Roy's career at a top level fighter. Shit, he was 36 years old when he lost to Tarver and Johnson. We're talking about the Roy Jones who shut out a prime James Toney, who totally out-skilled Bernard Hopkins and went up to Heavyweight to dominate and take a title from John Ruiz. Clinton Woods is one of the top light heavys in the world right now and Roy absolutley embarrassed him in Portland. The people that hate on Roy's career are those who didn't get into combat sports until around 2001 or later.


"Prime jones would have destroyed prime mayweather, prime jone would have beaten any other fighter, he was the greatest in his prime."

Roy had more talent P4P than any boxer that ever lived. He did things in the ring that we'll never see again. Some of his KO's were so fast you literally had to watch the replay to figure out what happened. In real time it looked like he hardly touched the guy because of how fast the follow up punches were, but he had one punch KO power in both hands, and I doubt we'll ever see a guy with the combination of hand speed, punching power and foot speed that Roy had.

He trashed so many guys in his prime and made them all look like bums.