He fought to land "little daughter shots" (TM Dana White) and get a cheap little stoppage win.

he coulda just turkey tapped him til it was stopped. both times roy had the "croostafixed" position kimbo did literally nothing. he gave up like a guy on his second night of bjj, knowing he had no answer to the position he was in.

it is a sad day in TUF when a guy who looks like Roy Nelson is the number one pick to win the show. The gays must be furious. That fight was awful.

 the gays are always furious, but what does this have to do with anything?

roy did nothing wrong.. why risk injury when you can force the ref to stop the fight.. plus kimbo wasn't hurt so he can fight again BUT.. it does seem like roy is just being lazy and not trying hard.. haha dana must have been pissed.