Royce as good as BJ in subs?

As said on the Gracie vs Hughes Countdown, Royces subs "as good" as BJ Penn, but I think although Royce is probably more knowledgable in the art of BJJ and instructing, BJ is probably better in in "MMA BJJ". Any1 agree?


But two very different games, wouldnt you agree?

"Royce as good as BJ in subs?"


i think Royce has the same level or even higher technical knowledge but Penn has the athleticism to pull off crazy subs.

exactly, Penn is younger, faster, more athletic, and stronger than Royce. Royce probably has more technique though, due to the fact he was probably a black belt before BJ was even born.

39 is not that old

bj penn won mundials. so gi match, even no time limit, i'd bet on him despite the weight difference. but anything can happen.

mma, i'd bet on penn over him; same grappling, better punching.

simply put id say no

No way.

For you newbies, remember Royce lost to Wallid Ismail in BJJ (by "clock choke", choked out). Royce's technique was criticized as being "old fashion" by Mario Sperry. So no, Royce is not the end all be all in BJJ. And... I believe BJ beats Royce in BJJ and MMA.

LOL @ Sperry, Royce has a far more impressive MMA record than Sperry.

Who cares about Sport BJJ, Royce is a real fighter, he never claimed to be a Sport BJJ champion.

For some reason though his style translates well in MMA.

bj is better and more proven

Royce has never beaten anyone near the caliber of Igor V. At to put it in the right context this was when Igor was one of the most feared HWs and was destroying people. Royces record is full of guys who didn't know how to fight. Sperry has a few loss but against good competition. ROyces record in mma is not more impressive. And sperrys grappling record is 100X more impressive than Royce's.

BJ has much better credentials. If you compared what they have accomplished with out knowing the names of either everyone would pick Penn.

BJ is miles ahead of Royce in BJJ. Also, BJ couldn't even pass Hughes guard until he landed a big punch from the top, something Royce is unlikely to do.