Royce Gracie trivia question

When Royce was introduced in UFC 1 his record was something like 19-1.Who was this loss to?

DeLa Riva or Vitor Paschaol?

Wallid by clock choke!

Not what you were looking for, but I love saying that... Phone Post

Royce actually lost to both of these guys.I was just wondering who it was before UFC 1. 

FWIW) So it might not have been either one of these guys.

It's nice to see a fellow 1/1/01er here! It's crazy to think how long we have followed the sport, how much it has changed, and how small it when we began watching it.

Anyhow, that's a great question you asked above. I THINK it was De La Riva, but I wouldn;t bet my life on it.

I was aware of Ricardo defeating Royler but not Royce, Now I want to know too!

 I thought Wallid was the only one to defeat Royce(it was a BJJ match though) before Sakuraba.

Taken from Tatame Magazine.

T: What's the reason for your disagreement with Helio Gracie?

CG: I have nothing against him, the only problem is that he's going around telling lies, you know what I mean? He goes around saying that his sons are the biggest & best fighters in the world and that they discovered the invincibility. His students lose everything here in Brazil. OK, Royce did well in the U.S. He beat everyone there, but no one knew anything then. Here in Brazil, I've never seen Royce win ONE championship. He lost to everyone. He lost to De La Riva, who was so much smaller than him. He tapped out to Paschoal. He's a good fighter, but never won anything here. He's not this "phenomenon" that they talk about.

Carlson Sr is the one being interviewed  ^^^^^

its common knowledge royce was nothing special in BJJ in brazil, part of why they chose him, unassuming, no championships. best person to represent gjj at ufc 1

 There is a difference in sport BJJ & Vale Tudo.Royce might not have been a stand out in sport BJJ in Brazil,but he was a damn anaconda with stamina & pain threshold/heart for days in Mixed Martial Arts.Too many other brothers & cousins to know who would have been the best to represent GJJ.

Never heard about Paschoal.

What did he sub Royce with?

Also if that record was BJJ, odd that he only had 20 matches?

 One would have to wonder if the challenge matches from Gracies in Action were what they counted?

torquemada - Wallid by clock choke!

Not what you were looking for, but I love saying that... Phone Post
Nice Phone Post

He was also introduced as a jiu-jitsu champion... anyone know if this was referring to any tournament in particular?

newsflash, the Gracies lied a lot.

Besides the Mundials & Pan Am`s I have seen several types of BJJ championships.I can`t remember their name,but there were many fighters that had BJJ champion on their Bio.I`m not sure if it was a fabrication or not.

 Interesting that I'm just now hearing about that Carlson Gracie interview(regarding Royce's losses pre UFC)

Im a real boy - its common knowledge royce was nothing special in BJJ in brazil, part of why they chose him, unassuming, no championships. best person to represent gjj at ufc 1

as well as tiny in comparison to the guys he was fighting

Holds the record for the highest tested level of steroids in the history of the California Athletic Commission.

D241 -  Interesting that I'm just now hearing about that Carlson Gracie interview(regarding Royce's losses pre UFC)

a n a S a n t o s (Asst. to Mr. C a r l s o n G r a c i e)

T: Who was the best in Jiu-Jitsu: Rolls or Rickson?

CG: Of course it was Rolls. He was a lot more technical, a phenomenon.

T: And in Vale-Tudo? Who is the best fighter that you've seen?

CG: Until now, it's Vitor Belfort. There are a lot of good ones, but Vitor is the best.

T: Liborio has the fame of being the best Jiu-Jitsu fighter from your team. Everyone says that he's a finisher. Do you think he would beat Rickson in a sport Jiu-Jitsu fight?

CG: For sure he would win. I have no doubt.

T: Why doesn't he fight Vale-Tudo?

CG: Because he's sponsored by Banco do Brasil (one of the largest Brazilian banks) and they don't agree with Vale-Tudo, but it's being discussed. In Vale-Tudo, he's a phenomenon. I guarantee.

T: In your academy, there are fighters with a very high level of technique, for example: Murilo, Ze Mario, Crezio, Amaury, De La Riva, etc. Until not long ago, Wallid was the most well known. Was he really the best fighter from your team, or was his fame more of a self-promotion?

CG: Wallid is one of the good fighters that I have, but was never the best. There are a lot of people ahead of him.

T: Wasn't there any jealousy from the fighters that were mentioned in the previous question towards Wallid?

CG: No. Even though he did a lot of self-promotion, there wasn't any jealousy of that kind. In fact, the marketing of Wallid helped promote the other fighters from the academy also. Then it ended-up being good for everyone.

T: Do you think Amaury would've had a better performance in the UFC, had he been trained by you? What do you think of him as a Vale-Tudo fighter and how is the relationship between the two of you?

CG: Look, the relationship between us is great. I don't know what happened with him in that Vale-Tudo in the U.S. He was dead, with no physical conditioning, with no technical conditioning. If I had been his trainer, the way he had been performing, I wouldn't of let him fight. There he would lose to anyone. Even though I think he's a great Vale-Tudo fighter.

T: What can you tell us about names like Marco Ruas & Hugo Duarte?

CG: They are good fighters, but are not among the top. Proof of that is that they don't want to fight my fighters.

T: How is the relationship with your family? What do you think of the accusations that Reylson made against you?

CG: Reylson is mentally retarded, crazy, and should be in a mental hospital. I have no answers for a famigerado (asshole, troublemaker). About the rest of the family, everything is fine right now. Even though there's little things that I don't agree with. But in the ring, I don't care. My Jiu-Jitsu is completely different from theirs, my technique has nothing to do with "Gracie Jiu-Jitsu." I AM CARLSON GRACIE and that's the way it is in the ring. Who ever shows up on the way in, is going to have to fight against my fighters.

T: How was your beginning in the U.S.? How is your life there nowadays? Has it been worth it for you in all aspects, including financial?

CG: Look, in the beginning, it was a disaster. I was working with an asshole named Frederico La Penda. This guy was the biggest swindler in L.A. I don't know how a man like that can promote Vale-Tudo events here in Brazil. So because of that, I was doing very badly in the beginning. Nowadays, even though I don't have my own academy, my situation is very good. Now in November, I'm going to open a big academy. I'm expanding Jiu-Jitsu to the whole world. I have fighters in big events. For me it's great.

T: How did you meet Al Stankie, and how did he start training Vitor for boxing?

CG: One day Vitor went to train at the L.A. Boxing club (one of the biggest in L.A.). Al Stankie saw the training and went to talk to him and told him that he had huge potential and would like to start training him. That was it.

T: What do you see in the future for Vitor?

CG: Well, in Vale-Tudo, he's already at the top. In boxing, according to Al Stankie, he has a big future ahead.

T: What do you think of him leaving the Vale-Tudo and staying only with boxing?

CG: This doesn't exist, it's only gossip from the opposition. He's going to fight in both.

T: You wouldn't let him leave Vale-Tudo now?

CG: Who am I to tell him not to fight. I would be against it, but if he wanted to leave, what can I do? But I think not, he loves Vale-Tudo, it was Vale-Tudo that gave him the fame. I think that he can do both at the same time perfectly.

T: You always complained about the referees in Jiu-Jitsu competitions. How do you see this problem nowadays? Give some examples of doubted results for a clear explanation.