Royce = Most Valuable Fighter

Love him or Hate him, Royce is currently the most valuable fighter in the game today.

What do I mean by "most valuable"?

Of the 31 major fights that went down on New Year's Eve, Royce's fight against Yoshida has generated the most attention and interest by far!

Just look at most of the major internet forums. Most of the threads are about Royce.

This kind of internet attention was not around even when Yoshida got beat up by Silva.

Pride is smart to contact Royce and offer no jd rules to him in order to get him back.

Remember who contacted who.

You may love him, or you may hate him, but one thing is for sure, if interest and buzz were anything, he makes the promoters a ton of money.

Japan is not impressed with Royce's draw.

"Japan is not impressed with Royce's draw."

Wow, I didn't know EVILYOSHIDA speaks for Japan!

Japan may not be impressed with the draw, but there's a good chance they're impressed with Royce, a smaller fighter, beating the shit out of Yoshida, and nearly pummeling him into submission.

Regardless of who you are impressed with, or who is your fav fighter, Royce Gracie generates a ton of interest, both in Japan and here on the internet.

More interest than any other fighter, and that's a FACT.

Evil Yoshida,
Go away troll. are you even Japanese, it is amazing they have elected you their spokesman..

I'm talking about world-wide interest - not just Japan.

The biggest names (money maker) Pride, K-1 Dynamite
, Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye could wish for would be:

(in no particular order)

- Royce Gracie
- Rickson Gracie
- Mike Tyson
- Lenox Lewis
- Roy Jones Jr.
- Aleksandr Karelin

Since Royce is currently the only active fighter who would step up and deliver, he is the "most valuable fighter".

When Rickson comes back and fights again, he will become the big "talk of the MMA/NHB fight scene".

You don't have to agree... this is all just my opinion :)

Royce = $$$$$$$$$$$

Does anybody know the audience attendance at this last Pride event? The last Royce v. Yoshida fight drew 90,000 fans.

For the UGers:

Of the 31 fights that went down on New Year's Eve, which fight had YOUR interest most?

Which fight were you most egar to find results about?

I'm not saying "everyone" was waiting to hear about Royce/Yoshida, but IMHO, the results of the particular fight had the "most anticipation".

And for the UGers, it was because of Royce, not Yoshida.

If Yoshida fought someone else like Frye, I doubt anyone would stay up until 4 am to catch the results.