Royce never got KO'd or subbed

and he won't tonight either. Except for a somewhat questionable forfeiture-by-fear loss to Harold Howard, he's never made me think he was vulnerable. Matt is in for a rude awakening tonight.

But he got dominated

The same way he was dominated by Dan Severn?

People have been counting Royce out in almost every one of his fights.

Does Royce have a nickname????

"Wallid Ismail?"

Not an mma match, and it was bowlsheet anyway.

Clock choke, imo. Royce had a fever and achilles spurs in that fight.

thedisapointment is right on the money with his comment

He submitted to Sakuraba from his corner.

His jealous brother did that; he knew he couldn't beat Sak so he didn't want Royce to either. Royce had Sak right where he wanted him at the time.