Royce vs Yoshida video

I download recently Royce vs Yoshida II from Overnet, it's a .mpg file format, but i can't see it, i only can hear it, could you tell me which codec should i download or what should i do to watch it?


what is the name of the file?

I had to download a mpeg2 decoder codec for me to be able to view the pride fights I downloaded..

JoelR- try downloading Divx player. It is free. Whenever I try WMV or RealPlayer and there is a problem with a codec error etc., Divx usually works.

I already download DivX and it doesn't work.

It is a .mpg file, not an .avi

It's name is Pride Shockwave - Yoshida vs Royce.mpg

what can i do?

Wasn't Pride Shockwave their first fight?

Joel, I was having the same problem. I downloaded all kinds of codec packs and still couldnt get it to work. As soon as I got one of those mpeg2 decoders, it played. Do a search for it whatever program you used to download the fight.

download the real one player, it plays everything.