Royce will lose wagon-checking in!

While i like Royce and he's my childhood hero - he's bitten off way too much this time. I dont' want to watch him be dominated...but it will happen.

WRONG! Get this wagon off the road.

wagon runs off trail and hits a big fn tree

I put $100 bucks on Matt. If i lose i will post back on this thread with my head in a toilet.

Royce has a submission master's chance :) fuck the haters!!! I want Royce to win..

(I think Hughes is going to win by Dec.)

I like Royce, too.

But he will lose badly.

the paper champ??

He's really been one of the most dominate fighters of all mma.

told ya!

reality hurts people.

But fuck, it hurt me to see Royce lose like that. I'm really not liking the new direction that Zuffa is going with 'bring back the old champions'.

How much did you win?

i think it was 40 bucks with the spread