Royce win bad for MMA?

Ok...... before i get my head blown off here me out.

I'd like to start by saying i am a big gracie fan. Royce inspired all of us back in the day.

That being said i want hughes to win this fight because i think a Royce win will be bad for the sport.

I know its an mma fight, but i dont see Royce fighting much differently than he fought in the early UFC's. One style BJJ.

Alot of people jumped on the BJJ wagon, and quite rightly so. But since then the fighters based on other arts have found a way to combat BJJ. Now we have a situation where fighters are mixed, and train in all arts.

So my point is this, if Royce who is prodominently a single art from fighter, can beat a far more mixed fighter then whats the last 13 years shown us. We might as well all go back to training BJJ.

"Do not think, that is your first mistake.

If royce wins that means that he was the better fighter that day..."


might not be so bad

Sakuraba and Frank Shamrock will want a piece of him or he'll want Chuck Liddel to try and prove his style is the best

Royce will probally do that leg lock from bottom he's been working on his last few fights seems to be his go to technique to avoid the strikes.

Hmm Royce v Chuck......Ouch

Chuck would be a terrible match up for Royce.

A Hughes lay & pray win will be worse for MMA.

It will be bad because it not like Royce will stick around and keep fighting in the UFC, Hughes's rep will be damaged and people would say that pure BJJ is better than MMA. There's no real upside to Royce winning for the UFC.

Hughes will pass and smash