Royce x Yoshida!

Congrats to Royce for putting on a great performance against Yoshida. The more I read gracie bashers inflamtory posts the more it pleases me because it shows how pissed off they are with the fact that Royce is still there as one of the top fighters in his weight.

I have nothing against Yoshida and I think he deserves everyones respect, especially after his Pride GP performance.
But we have to admit that Royce made a great comeback and I believe that´s a common thing that happens in sport as Agassi, Ronaldo and so many others have done before.

He was smart and motivated and along with heavier training, strategy, his family help he is extremely competitive with any other fighter in MMA.

The truth is that Royce lasted 90 m with Sak in his prime and outclassed one of the most acclaimed fighters of the 2003. For those who havent seen the fight, don´t think Yoshida did not spend energy on this fight, Royce looked better in all aspects.

Yoshida is still a great fighter and will also have his comeback.

For the biased accounts and Royces "light punches" see Yoshidas picture at Royces site after the fight. I believe that sums it all up.

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When you have to cheer for a draw, you have nothing.

"Most of the damage to Yoshida's face was probably due to the fight with Silva"

"Royce just exacerbated a pre-existing problem."

"It was a draw, tainted by a foul."

LMAO. You should come more often Omar, that's some great stuff.

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